Here’s to all you beautiful ladies  that I’m honored to call my friends. In my remote and rural location (yeah, so, the White House lawn is practically the frontier), I’ve at times felt that…what’s it  called…fomo?..or ..nostalgia? …maybe just lonely….for lazy nights on futons playing ukulele, for jumpin’ in some icy Maine water, for late night nutella eats (oh wait, those still happen)…. etc.

To mitigate those particular yearnings….and to keep a running commentary on our chic werkin’ woman lives…this blog was born (and may yet be aborted…depending on you !) A while back, Maeve was telling me about how her sister Nora kept in touch with all her Middkids abroad with a blog.  We figured that we could employ a similar strategy with our Maine beaches (beaches, betches….tomato, tomaaato…. )

As you all know, timeliness is not a strong suit of mine and so its been several months in the making…

This is a blog about nything (I also don’t know anything about blogging…) … .work, school, play, recipes, pictures, articles, book titles, show reviewsobservations about the weightloss advantages to living in the cold,  podcasts (hey Overwater hey),beyonce wanne be videos…… the virtual world is your oyster. No limits.

So, if you feel compelled, post away!




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