Nut Butters Galore :)


Helena, thank you for starting this….I love it 🙂

My first post is going to be food-related too because it’s winter and freezing, and that’s how I spend most of my free time these days! Cookin…eating out (Portland, can’t help it)… recipe browsing.

SO! For an easy (delicious one)…NUT BUTTERS….

You need….

  • Food Processor
  • Spatch
  • 2 cups nuts (any kind! Almonds, walnuts, and pecans are my favs…mix and match as you please….)
  • Walnut oil (optional)
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • Drizzle of honey or maple syrup
  • Pinch of salt

Ok, step 1: roast the nuts on a cookie sheet (if you like that roasted taste). 250 degrees for 15 mins will do — watch them so they don’t burn (Maevo, that reminder is for you mwhaha)!!! Roasting isn’t necessary, but I like the taste better, and it also breaks the nuts down a bit so they grind up easier into the butter.

Step 2: Put nuts in a food processor and process until nuts break down and begin to release natural oils. If they seem quite dry, keep going….the oils will come. Stop the food processor every now and then, and scrape the sides with the spatch. Feel free to add a bit of walnut oil if you want creamier nut butter.

Step 3: Once the nuts are all broken down and well combined, add in the good stuff: cinnamon, honey or maple syrup, salt….yummmmmm 🙂

Step 4: Scrape into a container (mason jars work well) and VOILA! your own homemade nut butter! Keeps for about two weeks in the fridge.





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