Greetings from Byumba, Rwanda!

I hope this post finds you well in New York, DC, Portland and of course a special shout out to Nairobi (what up Anna Hess?)…

Anywhoo,  I’ve just finished week one of six in Byumba, Rwanda, a small town about an hour and a half outside of Kigali. It’s pretty sleepy here so I’ve been spending my time listening to the entire Harry Potter series on tape and laboring over an adult coloring book…see my beautiful rainbow hedgehog below.


I’m in Rwanda interviewing refugees for resettlement to the United States. This group of refugees fled from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and have experienced some pretty dark stuff. I would like to take a moment to thank you all for never persecuting me, burning my house down or killing any of my family members. It’s a nice reminder that there are wonderful people out there in the world! On a positive note, Rwanda is a beautiful and unbelievably clean country. Kigame, the Rwandan President, mandates nation-wide days for cleaning up trash and litter. Sounds a little micromanage-y, but it’s not an all-together horrible idea (especially if you’ve seen the streets of Nairobi).

As I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands I thought I would share a couple of links that I have found interesting/ amusing over the last week. The first is an article written about including women in the workforce by the CEO of Safaricom (a Nairobi based telecommunications company). The second is a clip I’m sure you’ve all seen, but everyone should see again, of the republican presidential candidates botching their entrance to the last debate.

Cheers to the start of a new week, may it bring you all of the food mentioned in the posts below!



Rayland Baxter

Saw this singer at One Longfellow last night, and I LOVE him. At the concert, I also realized he has a slight Ryan Gosling look, which is never a bad thing…..if you can pardon the creepy ‘stash in these videos. You all must tune in 🙂