S is for Saturday and for Salivating

Candide tells us “Il faut cultiver son jardin”.

I take that to mean that we should tend to the things that motivate us in life: food and friends.

To that end, I conducted some original research on how we have used food to brand our friendships via social media outlets over the past four years (and thus meant to post this as a #tbt, and then a #fbf, but both of those days passed me by…. so saturday, here we go)



Data presented in this paper comes from social media search engine, Facebook. Author’s friendship posts with each blog contributor (n=10) were examined from 2012-2016 to determine shared recipe count. Recipes were collected if the following were present a) hot cheese  b) chocolate  c) nutella d) chocolate again e) ice cream

Key Findings: 

  1. Life is better (more sexually appealing, better tasting, more enjoyable, with a higher potential for dopamine release) if you have hot cheese, specifically fondue: 
    1. See Pesto Fondue and Garlic Herb Skillet Fondue.
    2. Grilled cheeses can also provide these benefits in your life. Specifically 31 different varieties of them.
    3. If you crave a more classy item, perhaps the butternut squash brie galette will excite your palette.
    4. If this wasn’t enough, prepare to be sexually amazed by hot cheese.
  2. Life is like a box of chocolates, except that you get to eat them all and you get to put them into delicious things like cookies, hot fudge and s’mores. 
    1. In particular, chocolate chip cookies really awaked our social imagination and we felt the need to share  recipes (Minimalist Baker), describe why they are the best, and also how to put chocolate chip cookies into our daily lives.
    2. Perhaps stemming from our twice-weekly dose of sundae bar to cure the Maine chill, hot fudge was also a hot ticket item: both how it could be incorporated into frosting and the intricate process of making hot fudge the centerpiece of a cupcake.
    3. In a similar vein, we expanded our views on brownie diversity. Not only did we expound on the good ole’ regular brownie and sundae brownie, we also ventured into the realm of the extravagant with oreo brownies and salted preztel fudge delights.
    4. We said more to s’mores. A whopping 39 different ways to make em.
  3. Is Nutella enough? Apparently not. 
    1. Evidently it does not suffice to simply lick Nutella from the jar, one must also make nutella pizza and nutella -stuffed churro muffins.
  4. It IS possible to think outside the chocolate cheese box when looking at recipes. 
    1. We did venture out of our chocolate and cheese comfort zones when trolling online! One savory venture (zuchinni cakes) and two sweet (heavenly hash donuts and brown-butter and sugar toasted almonds).

Cheers to eating with people you love. Have a glorious weekend and eat outrageously.




Here’s to all you beautiful ladies  that I’m honored to call my friends. In my remote and rural location (yeah, so, the White House lawn is practically the frontier), I’ve at times felt that…what’s it  called…fomo?..or ..nostalgia? …maybe just lonely….for lazy nights on futons playing ukulele, for jumpin’ in some icy Maine water, for late night nutella eats (oh wait, those still happen)…. etc.

To mitigate those particular yearnings….and to keep a running commentary on our chic werkin’ woman lives…this blog was born (and may yet be aborted…depending on you !) A while back, Maeve was telling me about how her sister Nora kept in touch with all her Middkids abroad with a blog.  We figured that we could employ a similar strategy with our Maine beaches (beaches, betches….tomato, tomaaato…. )

As you all know, timeliness is not a strong suit of mine and so its been several months in the making…

This is a blog about nything (I also don’t know anything about blogging…) … .work, school, play, recipes, pictures, articles, book titles, show reviewsobservations about the weightloss advantages to living in the cold,  podcasts (hey Overwater hey),beyonce wanne be videos…… the virtual world is your oyster. No limits.

So, if you feel compelled, post away!